Our own company: Deal is deal

    We noticed that we could make a difference through our solid service and customer focus, through our knowledge, passion, and Dutch background. A deal is a deal. Hence the choice to start up our own company. We are work-related friends, two down-to-earth Dutchmen who both know how to handle things. We complement each other and very importantly, we can build on each other. 1 plus 1 equals 2. We have a continuous presence in the South of France. We have our own software, suppliers, spare parts storage area, and after-sales.

    Competitive advantage: A small team delivers fast service

    We made the switch from not just boats, both military and maritime, to also luxury villas. Our knowledge of the onshore installation sector enables us to modernize the techniques of maritime projects.

    In terms of technology, we are ahead of our competitors. Our latest state of the art software can be installed in 2 to 3 weeks time.  That gives us a competitive advantage. A small team switches faster.

    About the company itself: ready to grow

    We started in 2017 and immediately noticed that we were getting successful projects. Our clientele has grown a lot, we have a new customer almost every week. We have a scale-up plan, we would like to have a team of 10, but finding well-trained technicians is difficult. We try to attract potential new employees and students who learn to work specifically with our method.

    Technique: guaranteed quality

    We invest in our people to ensure that growth takes place in good time. The number of successful projects allows us to grow faster, but we only do it if we can continue to guarantee quality. Without quality, we see no future for our company. We only take the next step if the quality is guaranteed by both our staff and suppliers. This is a complex network that is carefully selected and maintained.


    PDS-HVAC Holland B.V. is an all-round service and maintenance company in the climate technology sector. We are specialized in climate control, air conditioning, air treatment and also in cooling and freezing installations in the maritime sector as well as villas, HORECA and industrial buildings.