Client: MY Kahalani
    Year completed: 2020
    Project leader: Gebruiker
    Category: Motor Yachts


    Because of the limited space we had to replace the heat exchangers this project was difficult. We needed to cut into the construction of a few of the fresh air make up units. Because the new heat exchangers were slightly different we had to change the chilled water pipe works as well. All fresh air units got new frost thermostats installed. The project lasted 5 weeks. After commissioning of all 5 the fresh air make up units we had another satisfied client and PDS-HVAC HOLLAND finished the project with success.


    PDS-HVAC Holland B.V. is an all-round service and maintenance company in the climate technology sector. We are specialized in climate control, air conditioning, air treatment and also in cooling and freezing installations in the maritime sector as well as villas, HORECA and industrial buildings.