Client: My Bagheera
    Year completed: 2020
    Project leader: Super User
    Category: Motor Yachts


    Maximum customer satisfaction!

    On Wednesday we received an incoming call from our client at the Côte d’Azur (France) with a request to come on board to control a malfunction in their current chiller system. We quickly found a leak in the evaporator. Because of this leak, our client would have to cancel his charter planned for the next day. Thanks to our carefully selected supplier, MAVE B.V., a new chiller unit 30 KW (102.300Btu) was delivered in 13 hours only from The Netherlands to Cannes (FR). PDS-HVAC installed the chiller before Thursday morning so that the yacht was ready for the arrival of new charter guests. From a malfunction in the old chiller unit to a chiller replacement it took a mere 24 hours.

    Our objective is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction with products and services that completely fulfill the customer’s expectations, a goal well reached.


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